About Me

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I currently live in Australia. I live with my husband who has his own gardening business. We have a eleven year old cat called Isabella and a four year old dog called Georgie. I work full time as an Associate Nurse Unit Manager of Anaesthetics/PACU.

I like to spend my spare time patchworking – mostly EPP. I do machine piece but my passion is hand sewing. I will do a little bit of needlepoint to change it up a little. I do love using my coloured pencils and a kikki planner that I use for quilt planning.

I am starting this blog just to get my ideas and creativity out there to share with others. I have only been sewing for a couple of years and I am self taught so I think it could be interesting to other newbies out there. I think you will enjoy reading this blog for the newbie perspective on the quilting world.