1. Ross

    Totally agree with everything said. I have been bullied for over twenty years at work. I have been denigrated and made to feel less than, I got out for six months and am now back in the same situation. I have tried to take the high road and walk away and have done all that was required of me and more, however, when the boss is the bully it is very hard to deal with anyone who does not follow their lead. Unfortunately in my unit, only the young, pretty and those who crawl up the boss’s butt are promoted. Everyone knows what is going on but nothing I do or say can stop it. My boss is very good at getting out of situations. Wish I could change the situation however, it is not going to happen in my lifetime 🙁

  2. Margaret Meldrum

    I wonder what our patients think of all this and dont think they dont notice. They lie there all day. Watching and listening. They hear it all.
    I wish more of them would put pen to paper and complain maybe to local papers or politicians. It is so ingrained in EVERY hospital i have worked in throughout Queensland but worse in some than others.
    There are some very bitter, hardened people working in nursing these days.

  3. I think you have made some great points. But having been on the receiving end of bullying your comments are sometimes the ideal. I lodged a bullying complaint to HR about the bullying I was receiving and encouraged others that I work with to do the same. The result was my complaint was ignored as it was deemed that she was doing her job. The ward has lost 10 to 12 senior staff members over the last 3 years…
    The bottom line is even when you do put it a complaint HR explain it away…never again…

  4. Anne

    Well Ive been bullied during my second rotation as an Een grad in hospital setting byCnm and Cne..I ended up lodging a complain 4 weeks before the end… I was then told by HR that my postgrad further employment application was unduccessful 1 week before end of grad.. Am now looking for work via agency and feel it will be hard to get work as havent been called for any work yet.. Im disgusted and looking at another change of career.

  5. Lisa

    I was in a management position and was bullied, isolated and sabotaged by both peers and management above me. I had worked in nursing for 22 years with not one issue or complaint until this new manager took over with a personal vendetta against me. It was the most horrendous, stressful time of my life. Not only did it take its toll on me personally but also professionally with rumours and innuendo flying around. To make matters worse HR were bullies as well with procedures not followed and threats made against me by a HR manager.
    For a caring profession nursing and this hospital in particular, certainly has a reputation for destroying nurses by bullying.

  6. Maria

    I was employed by a Surgeon as his assistant. The Bully was employed by the hospital we worked at. My employer witnessed and shook his head as the bullying was going on. I complained to my boss and asked him to support me. Unfortunately he was too gutless to back me up. I complained to management, they also did nothing. I even went to Worksafe. They couldn’t tell me anything as the Bullies have rights Too. Go figure.
    I was not the first to be Bullied by this very frustrating nurse who was way past her use by date. I don’t know if it was she felt intimidated by me and the knowledge I had over her.
    I ended up in a Psychaitric Hospital (for my own safety). I never returned to the job I really loved. Over a period of 3-4 years, I spent 20 weeks in this hospital. Numerous medications and 9x ECT.
    NOTHING was done to this nurse.
    I never even received so much as a get well card from my boss.
    After an experience like this I lost all confidence in myself and “the System”. The system doesn’t really exist
    I am now on work cover and totally unemployable. I have worked hard all my life. This is not how I thought my days in the work force would end.
    If only my boss had backed me up

  7. From all the comments there is a common theme. The journey of nurses is faced with bullying from the top do and horizontally. I have just celebrated 40 years in nursing and felt proud of what I had achieved. I specialised in paediatrics and neonate with 2 masters degrees and many certicates in the old hospital based training. My ultimate achievement was achieving my endorsement as a Nurse Practitioner despite a near death experience and needing a major organ transplant. I returned to what was my passion after 6 mths with many of my colleagues hinting that I should retire and enjoy my new life as they could see the bullying. So after 3 years of ongoing bullying and proving myself as a safe practitioner I was terminated because of ” not performing at a level as expected as a NP”. I have not only been terminated but the person that tried so long to get rid of me for so long placed a complaint to the national registration authority. Now I’m being made to jump through hoops to keep not only my NP and Midwifery registration but also as a RN. I will continue to fight to prove my right to work as a nurse. 40 years of experience is nothing these days as nurses over 55 years who have had any time of extended leave due to illness or workers compensation are being targeted. Such a waste of experience and knowledge. HR are involved in the bullying so they are no help. The union has been supportive as have my colleagues but HR with management cover up everything under the term failure to perform.

  8. beneaththestitches

    I am so sorry to read all these replies to my post. Bullying is such a problem as it seems to be entrenched and part of what is expected. I guess it is all up to us not to let it be that way. We need to not let it be normal. When we observe gossip and poor behaviour we need to react and support each other. It isn’t always easy. Little by little, we can make a difference I hope. Especially with the newer nurses who still seem to be such targets when they join a new department. We can’t fix what has already happened but we can learn from it. So what can we do to improve current situations?

  9. Sheila

    My heart bleeds for you
    I went from being short listed as Nurse of the Year to being vilified and hounded.
    Even though I eventually proved my innocence and received an apology I attempted suicide and have never really been back at work.
    There is a culture in the administration that needs real change.
    It is the leadership at the top that sets the tone and ethos of the hospital and should govern how people behave.
    This is missing.
    If admin is only interested in keeping their job and their power base unchanged the hospital is doomed.
    I loved my work and sadly like most people who have endured this evil we are usually the best and most conscientious.
    People are afraid to stand up as they see what happens to others who whistle blow.
    It is a bit like working in the court of the Borgia’s.
    It has been allowed to get out of hand.

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