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  1. I think you’ll find that lots of people have stopped reading and writing blogs and spend more time over at Instagram – probably by the time you started blogging a year ago IG had become more of the daily activity and even people who have been blogging for years have noticed less readers ! Since IG has been taken over by Facebook recently though its changed a lot and I really don’t like the new changes – as Leanne from She Can Quilt said recently

    “I find instagram a lot less fun now that it is not chronological. For me a lot of the fun was being able to see what people were sharing right in this moment and connecting with them right now. Well, that seems to be less possible and so it is less interesting for me as now instagram is another thing that I need to “catch up on” rather than “check in to” for a few minutes.”

    I so agree with her so I’ve decided that I’m going to spend less time on IG and more time blogging and reading blogs again – I “found” you on IG this morning and really like your blog posts – they’ve been very interesting and informative !

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